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We're Bloomin' Crazy

Bloomin’ crazy. That’s how I feel. I’ve been loving the slowdown that comes with the winter, and reflecting on what I’m doing, what I want, and how I’m living my life. I’ve had doubts about the path I’m choosing, still struggling to find my way back to a fulfilling career since having my babies. As we plan our new season, with blooms in our hearts and shiny dreams in our eyes, it can be as terrifying as it is invigorating. Seasoned growers forewarn us, as it’s hard to turn a profit in this industry, despite your best efforts and backbreaking labour. Knowing this, is it a wise choice? The thing of it is, it doesn’t really feel like a choice. It feels like the culmination of my and Sarah’s careers. It feels like finding a purpose. It’s a CALLING. I can’t explain it. So, full of hope, and knowledge, and optimism, and fear, and doubt, and coffee, we will carefully but determinedly plough forward, chasing our passion. Who could regret that? #flowerfarmer #womenwhofarm#cutflowers #cutflowerfarm #urbanfarm#passion #flowers #coffee