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This is us.

We don't have time for makeup or sleeping. I'm Kris, (left) and Sarah on the right is the best farming-partner you could dream of. We met this past spring, and I think we both felt an instant connection. (Did we just become best friends?? Yuuuuup!) It wasn't until about June that we figured out we were both doing the same thing... we both felt spurred to branch out of our comfort zones of beautiful vegetables and robust perennials to pursue a new horticultural challenge. Unbeknownst to one another, we had each spent the winter and early spring poring over seed catalogues, obsessing over the Floret Flower Farm blog and videos, and filling our spare rooms and basement spaces with lights and trays full of future cut flowers. It almost feels fated, as if we each traveled our paths and gathered our unique sets of knowledge and skills in order to meet in the here and now... right as we're experiencing a renaissance of sorts, and feeling our hearts race at the chance to create a life more full, more rich in sun and soil and sweat and movement. So now we will plan, and dream, and meet in the moments between shifts at our shared day job, and drink copious amounts of coffee, and harvest and glean whatever we can to fund the investments we will make to become REAL flower farmers in 2018. Remember our faces, friends, because we have BIG plans. #slowflowers #cutflowers #localflowers #microfarm#grownnotflown #savethebees #dahlias#kawarthalakes #kawarthanow #lindsayontario#zinnias #kawarthalakeswedding #floretseeds